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where do we get

Our stores are stocked with:

  • one-of-a-kind pieces
  • clearance items
  • special purchases
  • overstocks
  • canceled orders
  • model home returns
  • showroom samples
  • discontinued items
  • slightly blemished

Highland Park Furniture & Mattress Outlet is the only company to sell the clearance furniture and mattresses from several name-brand furniture manufacturers and wholesalers. The furniture is offered at discounts well below even the SALE prices in most retail stores. While a good portion of our merchandise comes from the manufacturers' warehouses in North Carolina, we also buy direct from several top global manufacturers under one condition: it has to be a great deal.


Furniture manufacturers offer us the exact same furniture you see in other stores at a fantastic savings for several reasons (sometimes as low as 15¢ on the dollar). But why would they do that?

We buy closeout furniture, in which case, we may not get complete bedroom sets, or we may get more loveseats than sofas, or dining rooms with all side chairs and no arm chairs. This also encompasses discontinued items.

Showroom samples are always a favorite deal. Manufacturers will make "prototypes" to show at the big furniture markets in North Carolina and Las Vegas. Once the show is over, they don't have any place to put the displays. We'll buy them...sometimes for just the cost of the freight to get them here!

The one-of-a-kind furniture and mattresses can be here for lots of reasons. A customer might order a custom chair, covered in a unique fabric, then cancel after the chair is made. Or we could get a high-end mattress in twin size. Most people don't want an expensive twin size mattress, if it's that nice, they want queen or king size; so we get a super low price.

Then there's damaged merchandise. But the damage is probably not what you imagine if you've been to other outlet stores. We have one specific requirement when it comes to damaged furniture: It has to be in salable condition or we won't buy. This means you won't find near-destroyed pieces or severely scratched wood. Blemishes will be minor, if any, and easily repairable without significant skill. Remember, most of our furniture is still in original Factory Packaging and not damaged at all.

Mismatched sets are something we generally get in the dining category. It's common for us to receive tables without the matching chairs and vice versa. However, because we receive such a high volume of furniture, customers are frequently able to find sets that match. It becomes a chance for you to get creative, express your individual style and make a set that's truly unique. It's like a treasure hunt!